Karlen's Fresh Milk INC. is made from Farm Fresh Pure Cow\'s Milk. Click Read More to know more about our products and our company.

Karlen’s Fresh Milk INC. was established in Angeles City, Pampanga in September 2003. Karlen’s is engaged in the production, collection, processing, distribution and sale of fresh cow’s milk in North Luzon and operates with BFAD accreditation.

The cow’s milk is produced on and collected from different farms in Bulacan and Pampanga. The milk produced is collected from dairy cattle by specialized milking machines. It is then stored on farm in refrigerated cooling and storage tanks to maintain freshness and quality of the milk. The milk is transported to the processing facility by refrigerated vans and processed in Angeles City in Karlen’s milk processing plant. Processing entails plate pasteurisation, homogenisation and bottling of the milk collected from the farms. The milk processing is backed up by a quality assurance programme which includes both bacteriological and chemical testing of the milk to meet stringent standards.

After processing, the milk is stored in Cold Rooms and is distributed in refrigerated vans. The milk is now ready for sale. The company is catering for house to house milk distribution and distribution to coffee shops, hotels and supermarkets.

Deliveries leave as early as 5:00 in the morning to ensure that fresh milk is in the home for breakfast.

Fresh milk on every table in the Philippines is the goal of the milk industry.

Quality assurance and stability of supply of this fresh milk are our major concerns.